Introduction Training

Discovering a Racing Car

Driving a racecar is not for everyone, you need passion and determination to meet this challenge. With a prepared ruote covering precise classroom sessions to track sessions, you will learn the initial secrets of the Mitjet racecar and race driving techniques.
Thanks to the staff of instructors and the Mitjet racecar, the approach to the race car and the track will be presented to you as both natural and fun.

The Introductory Course Training takes place in well-timed sessions, with turns actually driving for twenty minutes, interspersed with lectures and study of the on board camera. At any time the student is supported with the advice of their instructor and every moment of the course sees continual growth of the student’s driving technique. The driving sessions are designed to be perfectly well-timed, so as to enable the student to assimilate and reflect on what they have learnt in the best way possible each lesson.

Early in the day the basic manoeuvres will be explained to get under control all the specific commands of a race car and the approach to the circuit. Lesson after lesson, progress will be strongly evident, the instructors will see that you discover the best lines and braking techniques, and optimal throttle use to fully exploit the car. Mastering driving techniques that will increase the enjoyment factor and will also be reflected in driving on the road, guaranteeing control of the car which is also a safety benefit for everyone.


Course Duration: Single Day
Driving Time: 2 hours (divided into 6 sessions)
Tracks: Adria, Magione, Cremona, Franciacorta, Modena
Service Includes: Video and Photography
Number of Students: 15 – 5 instructors


– Track Introduction

– Introduction to the Racecar and Circuit

– Race Trajectory

–  Breaking

– Throttle Control