The Mission and Philosophy

Passion, adrenalin and the desire to discover your limits. If you wish to learn the secrets of how to drive racing car, Luca Riccitelli Driving Academy is the right choice. The instructors of the Luca Riccitelli Driving Academy are professional drivers of the highest international calibre, they will unveil to you the secrets of how to control the racecar in all conditions and to improve your performance in complete safety and with maximum enjoyment.

You will unleash your passion for speed whilst being overseen by the qualified staff and without the need for excessive budgets.

You will be on track with your passion and insticts and the LR Driving Academy will enable you to sharpen your skills while revealing adrenaline filled pleasure you can only get from driving a real racecar.

An idea born from experience

The Manager and Instructor

Luca Riccitelli has complimented his long and brilliant career as a professional racing driver with intensive work as an instructor at the most prestigious driving schools in the world. While Luca was working as an instructor, he demonstrated to others that he possessed managerial and organisational skills not commonly found and as such was placed in charge of the first levels of the Porsche Sport Driving School and the Lamborghini Academy.

For Porsche and Lamborghini, Luca was responsible for the organisation and managment of the driving courses both in Italy and internationally. It was a long and rewarding experience full of satisfaction and the skills learnt during that time now come naturally which you will now find in Luca Riccitelli Driving Academy.