Best Performance Training

The rules are those of the race, you research the performance

The further you go, the higher you move the bar. The Mitjet race car and the racetrack have a high threshold to reach, with the control and technique that you will learn as you approach it’s limits.
The challenge is raised, the curves will be faster, the braking will be harder and the reactions will be even more immediate.

Every aspect of your skills will be tested and appraised by the instructors, session after session. The obtained porformance will be amazing and the topics covered will affect aspects related to the competition, such as the start, the best approach to the best lap and the best overtaking techniques.

You will have a clear understanding of the different factors associated with a real race.


Course Duration: Single Day
Driving Time: 2 Hours (divided into 6 sessions)
Tracks: Imola, Misano, Adria and Magione
Service Includes: Video and Photography
Number of Students: 9 – 3 Instructors


– Approaching the Race

– Performing in Qualifying

– Preparing and executing a pass

– Improving performance with the aid of car set-up

– Comparison with the Instructor