Track Day Training

The Game Becomes Both a Challenge and a Competition

The natural evolution of the course Introduction and Best Performance

In addition to training, the Course Introduction, Best Performance and Racing, Luca Riccitelli offers intensive coaching days held during the track day, the most spectacular tracks and training.
This activity is one on one, student-instructor.

The student, accompanied by the instructor, does the whole track sessions, getting feedback by the instructor to increase and improve their performance and control over the car.
The Training Track Day is held in the days when the track is open and the traffic itself is a time of learning to learn to disentangle their opponents, making overtaking and driving in the middle of the fight.

The training course with a race car does not stop at Mitjet. Master the techniques of driving and get the right feel for the track, you can increase your performance, with GT cars such as Lamboghini and Porsche.