The Cars

The car used in the Driving Academy is a little rocket, the Mitjet produced by the French Tork.

It is capable of GT race performance, with acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 4 seconds.


The opportunity to participate in a specific course with the Mitjet racecar is a guarantee of technical quality and incredible performance. The basics of the car are powerful, lightweight, rear-wheel drive and a sequential gearbox, designed as a racing GT, it combines with a mix of high performance and low cost.

These are the qualities that prompted Luca Riccitelli to adopt the Mitjet to better develop the LR Driving Academy project:

luca riccitelli driving academy mitjet

“The Mitjet is, first and foremost, a racecar itself, created to be on track. Secondly, it is a pure racecar in how it handles and is not complex to use. With this background, each student can have an immediate approach with the car and, thanks to the adequate support of the instructors LR Driving Academy, the limits that everyone will catch up with us are unimaginable.
I know that as much as the student approaches their limit, the threshold of pleasure and fun increases also. This mix is at the heart of my Academy.”

Technical Specifications

Length: 4100mm
Width: 1800mm
Height: 1300mm
Minimum Weight: 720kg
Fuel Tank: 45 Litres

MOTORE: Renault F4R in posizione anteriore
Cylinders: 4 in line
Valves: 16
Capacity: 1998cc
Power: 235hp @ 7500rpm
Drive: Rear-wheel drive
Transmission: Sequential Sadev a 6 speed + reverse
No Differential

CHASSIS: Steel tube chassis frame
Bodywork: Fibreglass
Suspension: Front wishbone, rear axle
Shock Absorbers: Adjustable
Brakes: Ventilated Discs with Adjustable Bias
Wheels: 18”
Yokohama (semi-slick) 265/35/18
Aerodynamics: Front and Rear Spoiler with adjustable wing