The Cars

The cars used by the Driving Academy are respectively a prototype in pure Le Mans style and a GT that celebrates 50 years in the racing world of the French brand Ligier. Both models feature full-carbon technology and a 3.7-liter V6 Ford engine.
Both cars have a very competitive weight-to-power ratio, with high performance and precise and reactive behavior on the track.


The opportunity to participate in a specific course with Ligier is a guarantee of technical quality and incredible performance. . These are the qualities that led Luca Riccitelli to adopt Ligier to better develop the LR Driving Academy project:

“Passion for motorsport, innovation and development. Work, team spirit, collective intelligence and the demand for results are in Ligier Automotive’s DNA and allow us to gradually build new adventures.
With these premises, each student can have an immediate approach to the car and, thanks to the adequate support of the LR Driving Academy instructors, the limits that each one will reach with us are unimaginable.
I know well that the closer the student approaches his limit, the more the threshold of pleasure and fun increases. This mix is the heart of my Academy.”

Technical Specifications LIGIER JS P4

Length: 4.6800 mm
Width: 1.900 mm
Height: 2.860 mm
Weight: 920 kg

Technical Specification LIGIER JS2Rs

Length: 4.415 0mm
Width: 1.900 mm
Wheelbase: 2.860 mm
Minimum Weight: 920kg

ENGINE: Ford V6 – 3,7 litres Cyclone mid rear positioned
Cylinders: 6 cylinders v with specific camshaft
Power: 385hp @ 7.000rpm
Drive: rear-wheel drive
Transmission: Transverse 6-speed gearbox with paddle-shift sysem + pneumatic gearshift system

ENGINE: Ford V6 24S 3.7l mid engine
Power: 350 hp @ 7.P00rpm
Drive: Rear-wheel drive
Transmission: 3MO transversal 6-speed sequential gearbox with adjustable differential+ Steering wheel paddle shift

CHASSIS: carbon monocoque & crashbox HP Composites respecting the LM P3 safety regulations
Bodywork: carbon fiber
Suspension: LMP3 6-piston front and rear calipers
Shock Absorbers: Adjustable
Brakes: VLMP3 6-piston front and rear calipers + 355×32 mm front and rear LMP3 discs
Wheels: 18”

CHASSIS: FIA homologated tubular chassis
Bodywork: Fiberglass bodywork
Suspension: front & rear double whishbones, rear actuated pushrods
Shock Absorbers: adjustable anti-roll bar
-adjustable dampers

Brakes: BREMBO calipers 6-pistons front and 4-pistons rear + Discs front and rear 343 and 328 mm
Wheels: 18”